an actor. an artist with agency. a man apart.

Glasses Shot

growing up in new england, i spent my childhood playing in the woods, swimming in lakes, going on imaginary adventures. i was a bookish lad who dreamed he could fly. 

my first semester of college, i was cast as malvolio in TWELFTH NIGHT. my director asked me if i wanted to be an actor. i had never really considered it. i said yes. 

after graduation i threw myself across the country, earning an mfa in acting at california institute of the arts (calarts). i studied african dance and t'ai chi alongside shakespeare and chekhov. i emerged a fearless artist, ready to tackle any material, and possessing a treasure trove of skills and influences.

i like making work that changes people. i want to make art that affirms beauty, challenges perspectives, and ignites passions. i am a dreamer and a realist. i like serious conversations and puns (ex: a fake father is a faux pas). i constantly challenge myself with a variety of projects, methods, and collaborators -- from the classical to the commercial to the avant garde.

i have appeared onstage all over los angeles and beyond. my work has been heralded in the la times, stage raw, san diego union-tribune, and several other print/online publications. i have completed a number of film and voiceover projects, and am looking to pursue more on-camera work in the coming year. 

i am a teaching artist, and have worked with children of all ages on acting, voice, speech, shakespeare, stage combat, and improv. i am a producer, an arts administrator, a writer, an introvert with extroverted tendencies.  

in the film CHARIOTS OF FIRE, olympic athlete eric liddell is asked why he is so focused on racing. he responds, "i know god made me for a purpose…but he also made me fast. and when i run, i feel his pleasure."

that's why i act.